Welcome OU letterwinners!

We are excited about the effort you have made to unite yourself with thousands of other letterwinners. Bringing past teammates together has only resolidified the belief that this community is extremely special. The University of Oklahoma Varsity “O” Association is dedicated to bringing all letterwinners, both graduates, and undergraduates, into closer relationships. As a member of the Varsity “O” Association you join thousands of OU’s former student-athletes, regardless of sport, at OU. The success of Oklahoma’s teams contributes to a sense of pride in the community and across the state. The very mention of the word “Sooners” evokes a sense of history, tradition, and championship. Today’s student-athletes are attracted to The University of Oklahoma because of the championship tradition YOU helped build.

What is Varsity “O”?

The Varsity “O” Association is the organization of former student-athletes who have participated in the pursuit of academic and athletic championships. Our commitment to continue to reach out to OU Athletics family members continues through regular events like pre-game cookouts and special events like team reunions. By earning a letter status while competing at Oklahoma, you automatically become part of this prestigious group and there are no required dues expected from you, which is a unique aspect of this letterwinner’s association.

All letterwinners are encouraged to come back to the hallowed ground of the University of Oklahoma. The Association is the best place to get connected to the history and tradition that is being built on campus today.

Varsity “O” is striving to build and maintain a spirit of loyalty and pride for the University of Oklahoma. As a former letterwinner, you are a lifetime member of the University of Oklahoma Athletics family, and are welcomed, involved, and encouraged to participate during and after your college tenure.